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We import and distribute unique and unrepeatable wines.

Importar vinos de calidad

We began this exciting journey with the dream of importing the best of the world’s most prestigious wineries.

Our project of The Wine Guys was present in our dreams and conversations since 2018, and was born from the will to share our passion for wine, after the result of our experiences and traveling together to regions and wineries mainly in France and Italy.

Although we had this idea in 2016, the project could not start until 2023, after years of planning and preparation.

The main objective has been to bring to Spain quality wines from excellent producers and to make available to wine lovers an extraordinary selection.

The heart of the wine guys is to share emotions and stories through wine.

Our work is based directly on authentic relationships with producers and customers. Personal relationships are for us the basis of any relationship of trust, and are fundamental to share the different realities through the wine we represent.

Thanks to the personal and careful management of each stage of the process (from the producer to the consumer), we want to guarantee that the quality of our wine will always be preserved and valued. We want to create a link between Spain and major wine producers and offer our customers an exceptional selection of labels with an authentic, unique and unrepeatable experience.

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We bring to Spain the best quality wines from different regions of the world to put them within your reach.

Whether you are a restaurant, a winery or a great wine lover, we will be happy to advise you so that your selection is the most appropriate for what you are looking for your next wine experience.

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